Find out more about CSF GOVERNING COUNCIL

The Governing Council of the Croatian Studies Foundation is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting of the CSF members and directors. The Council members are responsible for the programmatic and financial management of the Foundation and its activities.

Our 2022. Council represents a diverse group of professionals with a common interest in promoting the Croatian language, culture, anthropological research,  and intercultural relations in the Southern Hemisphere. The Council is committed to creating rich, lasting and productive relations with the education sector,  cultural, research and arts-related organizations and the broader Australian public. We welcome your ideas and feedback.

Anthony Gurlica, President

John Gavljak, Vice-President

Marcus Žanetić, Secretary

Andrija Gurlica, Treasurer

Marko Jakovac, Director

Christine Klaricich, Director

Mark Matić, Director

Helena Lasan, Director

Renata Nikoletic, Director

Dr Danijel Dzino, Director

Dr Luka Budak, Honorary GC Member

Ana Bruning, Honorary GC Member

Consul General of the Republic of Croatia Ivica Glasnović (far right) and Dr Jasna Novak Milić (Croatian Studies Director – second from right) with members of the CSF Governing Council.

From left to right: Dr Luka Budak, Christine Klaricich, Marcus Žanetić (Secretary), Anthony Gurlica (President), Mark Matić (on the screen), John Gavljak (Vice President), Renata Nikoletić and Andrija Gurlica (Treasurer)
Missing from the photo: Danijel Džino, Marko Jakovac, Helena Lasan and Ana Bruning.

CSF Governing Council 2022.