Croatian language in New South Wales

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, Croatian Studies Foundation co-hosted an informational evening highlighting the opportunities for learning the Croatian language in New South Wales. This event took place at the Croatian Club King Tom and was primarily directed towards parents of school children. However, it was also open to the wider Australian Croatian community. The event was organized in response to recent notifications from Australian authorities regarding the potential suspension of the Croatian language from the Australian Higher School Certificate (HSC) program.

The gathering included representatives and leaders from Australian Croatian organizations in New South Wales, delegates from Croatian Catholic centres, both former and current language program educators, as well as parents of students currently attending or expressing interest in Croatian language courses at various educational levels. Additionally, representatives from the Republic of Croatia in Sydney and other interested individuals joined us.

During the event, participants were introduced to Croatian language learning programs available at elementary, high school, and university levels in New South Wales. A particular emphasis was placed on promoting the high school program, which faces the risk of discontinuation due to limited interest among young learners.

For more insights, we invite you to explore the slides from the informational evening.
Please complete the survey if you are a parent of a child potentially interested in enrolling in Croatian language programs at the high school level. You can find the QR code on the last slide.