Every year, the CSF runs a grant scheme to provide financial assistance to individuals and community groups for activities that:

· promote and encourage the study of Croatian language in Australia

· promote knowledge and awareness of Croatia, both within the local Croatian and broader Australian communities

· promote scholarship related to the Croatian past and present.

This year, we received a wonderful and diverse array of grant applications from all across the country. The CSF Governing Council has awarded grants for the following individuals and institutions:

Croatian school in ACT, Canberra

Launch an element of digital education for Croatian schools, including materials from Croatian educational institutions, to provide students with a more tactical way of learning the Croatian language, heritage, and culture in other forms.

Croatia House- Croatian Film Festival 2023:

The Croatian Film Festival 2023 offers Australian audiences the opportunity to experience the culture and creativity of Croatia and its film industry. The films are contemporary and appeal to a wide range of audiences including.

Christian Cuello- A view from the provinces: Gallia Narbonensis, Dalmatia, Pannonia and the Gothic aspiration for Imperium in the 6th century

The research project will explore the relationship of “provinces” to Theodoric’s Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy, its successors, and neighbouring kingdoms, and what provincial administration can reveal about the persistence of imperial governance structures in the “post-Roman” West. The study will focus on case study comparisons between Dalmatia and Pannonia (equivalent to present-day Croatia and its surroundings) and Massilia (present-day Marseilles) analysing a combination of written and archaeological sources, including coinage.

Croatian School of Language and Culture Melbourne:

The Croatian school wants to expand their resource library to include a wider range suitable for junior, intermediate and senior students. Modern linguistic, artistic and cultural resources enable teachers to create comprehensive learning plans, enrich students in their knowledge and appreciation of Croatian history, language and culture. Second, the establishment of a school library will encourage the borrowing of resources and reading at home with the family where access to such books is limited.

Resources have been selected and include books, maps, flash cards, games and classroom wall stickers. In 2023, we laid the foundations of our resource library. We strive to build this foundation.

Glazbeni sastav Pajdasi:

The band Pajdaši wants to use the traditional Croatian tambourine to record an original Croatian song and music video. Costs are associated with engineering, mastering, video recording and marketing. Awareness of Croatian culture through music in Australia. Connecting with young generations through the Croatian language. Release into the diaspora to spread cultural awareness within Australia and beyond.