“Countryman” Screening at Macquarie University in May 2023

You can see “Countryman” twice at Macquarie University next week!

Screening on the 26 May 2023, 5.30 pm organised to commemorate Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week and Croatian Statehood Day. Registrations mandatory, entrance free:…/screening-of-the…

Screening on the 27 May, 4 pm as part of the Croatian Studies Open Day at Macquarie University. Free entrance, no registration needed.

Both events include Q&A with Peter and Joseph.

Link to film trailer:

Tennant Creek, Warumungu Country, Australia –12th May 2023



The Australian feature documentary COUNTRYMAN, (or MANU WALJJI in Warumungu/ ZEMLJAK in Croatian), will be

screened to communities across Victoria, the ACT, NSW and Queensland on the lead up to and during National Reconciliation


COUNTRYMAN was directed and co-produced by Peter Pecotić, an Australian with Croatian heritage whose late father gave

initial inspiration for the film and Joseph Williams, an Australian First Nations Warumungu artist also with Croatian heritage.

Joseph Williams said: “It’s very significant that our story is being played during NRW. COUNTRYMAN looks at modern

Australian identity, whether we have Indigenous, Non-Indigenous, immigrant or mixed heritage. With the current national

conversation and upcoming referendum, we hope our film helps all communities have a bit of a look in the mirror to see who

we are now and think about what we want to become as a nation.”

Peter Pecotić said: “Our film celebrates the friendships and strong connections that bind Australian communities and how

much more we have to learn from each other. We hope our film can help bring communities together in greater friendship and

understanding to support reconciliation and give a greater sense of belonging. With the Indigenous Voice to Parliament on

our political horizon now’s the time to look at who we are – and how we want to be seen by others.

We’re so grateful to all the organisations, institutions and individuals that are supporting our initiative and hope to extend this

roadshow to more remote and urban communities over the coming months.”

The documentary begins with an epic 10,000km road trip around Australia in search of descendants of Croatian migrants. The

story takes an unexpected turn when we meet an emerging Warumungu artist, Joseph Williams, also with Croatian heritage

from his long-lost father. The ensuing friendship and cultural exchange results in an astounding reunion between Joseph and

his Croatian heritage and through this journey we gain a deeper understanding of Warumungu culture and identity. Countryman

is a fascinating exploration of identity, environment, and reconciliation.

National Reconciliation Week marks the anniversary dates of the 27th May 1967, where Australia’s most

successful referendum saw more than 90 per cent of Australians voted to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the

right to vote, and the 3rd of June 1992 being the anniversary of the Mabo Decision.

Screenings will be hosted by various community organisations across Victoria, ACT, Sydney and Brisbane including a

screening co-hosted by the Australian National University Film Group and the Croatian Embassy in Canberra and at Macquarie

University co-hosted by the Croatian Studies Foundation. The roadshow is supported by the Julalikari Council Aboriginal

Corporation and Nyinkka Nyunyu Art & Culture Centre

Link to film trailer: