CSF GRANT SCHEME 2021 RECIPIENTS – Congratulations!!!

The goals of the CSF Grant Scheme is to provide financial assistance to individuals and community groups for activities that promote and encourage the study of Croatian language in Australia, promote knowledge and awareness of Croatia and scholarship related to the Croatian past and present. The CSF Governing Council has decided to award the following projects:

1) Charles Barnett – Transforming the Adriatic Cosmos: Insularity, Connectivity and Glocalized Identities in Pre-Roman Dalmatia (Croatian Science Foundation)

Charles’s project, led by Dr. Marina Ugarković from the Institute of Archaeology in, Zagreb, seeks to study archaeological material to trace insularity, connectivity and formation of “glocalised” identities in Late Iron Age Dalmatia. Through analysis of published and unpublished artefacts, field surveys and excavation of key sites on the island of Hvar, the project aims to investigate integration processes between Greek colonial and indigenous cultural templates in pre-Roman Dalmatia. Charles’s project activities involve writing research papers.

2) Petra Lovrencic – Eurovisionary

The project ‘Eurovisionary’ seeks to study the lives of Croatian immigrants living in Australia in the 1980s, in order to develop a screenplay for a feature film “Eurovisionary”. The project will research three main areas: the Croatian immigrant perspective of the Australian condition of the 1980s; the influence of 1980s Australian society on the traditional practices and beliefs of Croatian immigrants; and the perception of Croatian immigrants from the point of view of non-Croatians living in 1980s Australia. From the research, the screenplay will be developed and commissioned into a feature film, which will be distributed in cinemas, festivals, and on streaming platforms in Australia and around the world. 

3) Debra Gavranich – “The Girl Who Left”

Debra’s book “The Girl Who Left” aims to tell and preserve her mother’s story – to understand the political and social contexts that motivated her to leave her birthplace of Blato on the island of Korčula, to describe her experiences as a young migrant to Far North Queensland; describe her experiences on returning to Croatia in 1974 and 1995, to describe the successful integration of her life in Australia without forgetting her origins, culture and family. The CSF is proudly supporting Debra’s promotional tour of the book. For further information please visit:

Congratulations to all successful applicants! We are pleased to be able to help you develop your projects, all of which will significantly contribute to the promotion of Croatian culture, knowledge and language.