The CSF Annual General Meeting was held last night at the Croatian Club in Punchbowl, in a first-time socially-distanced manner! Despite the year we have had, it was great to see we had a very solid turn-out to the AGM. 2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us. Despite this, it has been a productive year for the CSF with many initiatives launched.

Our governing council was elected for 2021, with new members and movements in positions:

  • President: John Gavljak
  • Vice President: Anthony Gurlica
  • Secretary: Marcus Žanetić
  • Treasurer: Andrew Gurlica
  • Danijel Džino
  • Christine Klaricich
  • Marko Jakovac
  • Helena Lasan
  • Renata Nikoletić
  • Mark Matić
  • Honorary Council Members: Dr Luka Budak and Ana Bruning
CSF Governing Council 2021 with Consul General of Croatia Ivica Glasnović, Honorary member Dr Luka Budak,and Croatian Studies Centre Director Dr Jasna Novak Milic

(In the group photo (from left to right): Dr Luka Budak (Honorary member), Christine Klaricich, Marus Žentić (Secretary), John Gavljak (President), Mark Matic (on screen), Anthony Gurlica (Vice President), Renata Nikoletić, Andrija Gurlica, Dr Jasna Novak Milić (Croatian Studies Centre Director), Consul-General Ivica Glasnović; Missing: Danijel Džino, Marko Jakovac, Helena Lasan and Ana Bruning).

Christine has not sought election to the Treasurer’s role but will remain a member of the Governing Council. We would like to acknowledge Christine’s tireless effort over the last 18 years, hvala!

Newly selected Secretary thanking former secretary of 18 years, Christine Klaricich

We also marked the AGM by acknowledging the retirement of Dr Luka Budak. We had planned to mark this occasion with a celebration planned earlier this year, which was cancelled due to COVID. The AGM was the first possible time that we were able to acknowledge Luka’s achievements and work. We will announce a more fitting occasion to mark Luka’s retirement in the new year.

Former and current director of Croatian Studies Centre at Macquarie University: Dr Luka Budak & Dr Jasna Nova Milić