New Director appointed at Croatian Studies, Macquarie Univeristy

After being in the role of Director of Croatian Studies at Macquarie University for almost 40 years, Dr Luka Budak retired in December 2019. In February 2020 Macquarie University, with the approval of the Croatian Studies Foundation, appointed Dr Jasna Novak Milić, a former tenured professor at the University of Zagreb, who since moving to Australia 2014 has been a casual lecturer at both Macquarie and Western Sydney Universities, and a part-time radio producer for SBS Croatian.

This is Jasna’s first interview (with SBS Croatian)since taking over Croatian Studies in which she talks about the challenges she has faced starting a new role at the beginning of a global pandemic and her goals for the future of Croatian studies.

Jasna Novak-Milić sa studentima, bivšim ravnateljem studija Lukom Budakom, konzulom RH Ivicom Glasnovićem i predsjednikom Zaklade hrvatskih studija Johnom Gavljakom