CSF Governing Council for 2020 elected

The CSF Annual General Meeting for 2019 was held yesterday at the Croatian Club in Punchbowl. After a very successful year and major achievements (securing financial support for Croatian Studies at MQU from the Croatian government, 35th-anniversary celebrations, international conference, etc.) it was great to hear that “not many community organisations can demonstrate such a solid state of affairs”. A new-old governing council was elected for 2020 with a new person in the vice-president role.
President: John Gavljak
Vice President: Anthony Gurlica
Secretary: Jasna Novak-Milic (replaced by Marcus
Žanetić-Zalante in March 2020)
Treasurer: Christine Klaricich
Ana Bruning
Danijel Džino
Marko Jakovac
Andrija Gurlica
Helena Lasan
Renata Nikoletić
Marcus Žanetić-Zalante
Luka has sadly announced his retirement in the near future but has promised to stay close by.
(Missing from photo: Danijel Džino, Andrija Gurlica, Marko Jakovac and Helena Lasan)

Members of the 2020 CSF Governing Council