Public lecture: “Reflections of linguistic and cultural diversity in popular culture in Croatia”

You are invited to the Department of International Studies: Languages and Cultures research seminar

To be presented by :

Dr Lidija Cvikić

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education

“Reflections of linguistic and cultural diversity in popular culture in Croatia”

Date: Friday 28th October 2016

Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Place: W6B201 Faculty Tute Room


In the last 25 years, the discussions about the relationship between the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian standard language and their status have mostly focused on their linguistic description and on the process of their standardization, while a more detailed insight into the sociolinguistic situation in each respective country was often neglected. The result of such approach could be fostering a misconception that within each country there is (solely) a homogenous linguistic community. In order to create a more objective image of the region, more emphasis should be given to the relations between language, culture and society. This presentation deals with (socio)linguistic and cultural diversity and their reflections in everyday life and popular culture in Croatia. Three aspects of the phenomena will be explored. First, the usage of the standard language and other language varieties in politics, media and education; as well as in popular culture (movies, cartoons, music, literature, theatre, newspapers…) will be explored. Second, the status of minority languages and cultures, their representation and visibility in the society will be discussed. Third, the examples of public usage of other South Slavic standard languages and the attitudes towards them will be also pointed out. The aim of the presentation is to give evidence that in any contemporary cultural, political, literary or linguistic research of the region more emphasis should be given to its (socio)linguistic and cultural complexity.


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