Croatian Studies at MQU – Time to enroll!

Learn and study Croatian at Macquarie University and in Croatian language schools right across Australia. Keep Croatian language alive!
In Croatian language are deep-rooted, ingrained, recorded and written all Croatian historical documents, all Croatian traditions, all Croatian customs, all Croatian set ways, all Croatian habits, all Croatian practices, all Croatian routines, whole Croatian history…

All Croatian units or courses at Macquarie University are offered online and they can be taken and studied from anywhere in Australia. They can be studied as part of your degree at all Australian universities (as part of your BA or some other degree), they can be studied as part of Diploma in Languages (Croatian), students can do BA and major in Croatian, and Croatian can be taken as a non-award unit.

For more information please click HERE.

2 comments on “Croatian Studies at MQU – Time to enroll!”

  1. lorynn Reply

    Hi There, I am wishing to learn Croatian within the Canberra and would like to learn more about what is offered in the area and how I can get involved.

    Thanks :)

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