By becoming a member, you or your organisation can take an active part in Foundation’s activities.

MEMBERS are entitled to:
•    Attend the annual general meeting
•    Vote for Directors
•    Be nominated for a Director
•    Receive annual reports
•    Receive invitations to special events
•    Receive the CSF Newsletter and other updates
•    Purchase Journals etc. at a member discount price
As a member everyone receives an acknowledgment in the Newsletter or a Certificate of appreciation.

Membership Type:

You can choose from yearly membership:
•    SINGLE: $30
•    COUPLE: $50
•    PENSIONER: $20
•    CORPORATE: $100
•    LIFETIME: $300

Membership application form available for download hereCSF Membership Form

The CSF also takes donations for which we issue a receipt for income tax purposes
•    AMOUNT: $_____

Other options:
“PROJECT 5000 PATRIOTS” : $500
These sustaining members support the Foundation by donating $100 each year for 5 years, or in total $500.
Lifetime Membership is included in the 5000 PATRIOTS project.


For enquiries email: secretary(@) or treasurer(@)

2 comments on “Membership”

  1. Farida Beba PAZIN Reply

    I also would like to become a member. Could you please advise, Croatians from Croatia how to do it.

    Thank you and good luck

    • admin Reply

      Dear Farida, please let me check with the treasurer about the possibilities for the overseas membership payments. Or send us a filled application form and we’lee get back to you. Thank you!

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