Welcome to the online home of the Croatian Studies Foundation. Established in 1984 in Sydney, Australia; we are the first independent, non-for-profit organisation promoting the knowledge of the Croatian language, culture and anthropological studies in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether you want to learn Croatian, contribute to the Croatian Studies Review or simply connect to a vibrant and welcoming community, this is the place to start. Dobro nam došli!

Uncover the mysteries of "Croatian Troy"

Follow the Macquarie University's team excavating one of the largest archaeological sites in Croatia dubbed 'Croatia's Troy’.

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2016 Annual General Meeting - 6th November, 2016

The CSF’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday, 6th November, 2016 at 3 pm (registration from 2.30 pm) at the Croatian Club Punchbowl, Sydney. We look forward seeing you!

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Learn Croatian at MQU

Learn Croatian in 2017. Enrollments are now open at Macquarie University’s Croatian Studies Centre. For more information, call the Centre on + 61 2 9850 7040.

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50th anniversary on the Declaration on the name and position of the Croatian literary language

On the 17th of March 1967 one of the most important documents in the history of Croatian language was published in a weekly magazine Telegram: The Declaration on the name and position of the Croatian literary language. The Declaration called for the equality of the four standard languages of SFRY, one of them being Croatian, and

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Croatian Studies at MQU – Time to enroll!

Learn and study Croatian at Macquarie University and in Croatian language schools right across Australia. Keep Croatian language alive! In Croatian language are deep-rooted, ingrained, recorded and written all Croatian historical documents, all Croatian traditions, all Croatian customs, all Croatian set ways, all Croatian habits, all Croatian practices, all Croatian routines, whole Croatian history… All

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Public lecture: “Reflections of linguistic and cultural diversity in popular culture in Croatia”

You are invited to the Department of International Studies: Languages and Cultures research seminar To be presented by : Dr Lidija Cvikić University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education “Reflections of linguistic and cultural diversity in popular culture in Croatia” Date: Friday 28th October 2016 Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Place: W6B201 Faculty Tute Room  

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AGM 2016

The CSF AGM 2016 took place on the 6th November 2016 at the Croatian Club Punchbowl. The Governing Council executives and directors for 2017 are: John Gavljak, President Dr Danijel Dzino, Vice-president Christine Klaricich – Treasurer Dr Jasna Novak Milic, Secretary Jagoda Basic  – Director Ana Bruning – Director Marko Jakovac, Director Helena Lasan  –

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Youth Language Camp (8 – 18), Macquarie Uni

SOHEŠ – Središnji odbor hrvatskih etničkih škola Zaklada Hrvatskih studija – Croatian Studies Foundation O Hrvatskoj na hrvatskom Croatian two-day youth camp For students from 8 to 18 Tuesday 27th – Wednesday 28th   September 2016 9.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. Macquarie University, WA6 Experienced teachers providing engaging content, catering for beginners to fluent speakers. $50

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